Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

How to achieve excellence in building your boardpack:

This service is delivered for admin team members (board and committees) at a flat rate of £450.00 per session (exclusive of expenses) and is designed with efficiency in mind for all admin team members, the objective of this service is to reduce essential preparation time and increase meeting effectiveness and time efficiencies, after all lets face it “board papers should provide the information and context for directors to make the decisions they are delegated to

Entity management data best practice:

Revolutionalise and cleanse your data making your corprate records, reporting and document management worldclass! £750.00 per day.

Recruitment search and selection:

We will work with your clients nationally and internationally, recruiting directly In-House exec, Non exec board members (IOD/FT) and company secretaries (ICSA/CSIA), We have specialist Company Secretaries professionals to search and place the right talent tailored your clients requirements, an initial retention fee is applied upfront (Normally 10% of the annual salary) then the balance of 10% is taken at appointment.(*Recruitment terms apply)

Strengths, mindset and SMART goals coaching:

Acheive the pinnacle in performamnce in both your personal and business life, we help you to identify your best strengths and be the best version of yourself in the workplace, boardroom or in your personal relationships. Sessions are priced at £150.00 per hour, for best results, we recommend purchasing a batch of 5 sessions.