About Progressus UK

Welcome to Progressus business solutions
We have been supporting businesses since 2010

Progressus business solutions serves businesses with a variety of solutions to everyday challenges including:

Business Mentoring, Mindset Coaching and Executive coaching, and also Entity Management Software.

Our expertise and knowledge in working with business owners, executive board and governance experts across Europe makes us an ideal business partner.

Our dedicated team of coaches and consultants with review your business objectives, processes and establish what is going well and what can be improved and assist you and your teams with a solution. Additionally, they will help you prepare a strategic plan for the future growth of your business and its people thus Identifying the areas you can reduce costs, mitigate risk, improve governance, increase profits and maybe identify a new acquisition or exit plan.

In our experience, a great part of your business success comes from our unique process of reviewing and shaping your business using a variety of coaching, consultancy models and software, all designed around your objectives and processes.
Using the award winning GROW coaching model we help you to start, expand, turnaround or prepare you and your business for a new acquisition, Exit or IPO.

Why choose Progressus Business Solutions as your new business partner?

Our key values are aligned to Problem solving, Ambition, Transparency, Empathetic, Adaptable, Focus-If you are focused on doing too many things you won’t do anything really well. By putting an emphasis on this value you are able to create an environment where people spend their time creating waves of productivity versus ripples.

“A company’s values help people know the difference between right wrong, and they help companies determine if they are on the right path to fulfilling their business goals”

Please get in touch today with one of our consultants to discuss your key requirements on 07719 117476 or send a message via our contact form